Welcome to GOLEM Quarterly Review.

We’re a new Arts/Culture/Comix magazine based in Australia, appearing both in print and digital. Our philosophy here at GOLEM Quarterly Review is Do Not Delay & Please Enjoy. Making art is fun, constructive, positive. And yes, can also be serious and make ya think.

We love getting artists & writers together, and sharing & making art. Let’s keep making stuff, swapping and sharing our constant flow of pictures & words.

Do Not Delay, Please Enjoy.

Editorial Team

Mama Golem

Chief Editor
Popol Golem

Jack Raffin
Atorina Saliba
Brad James

Ricardo Colina
Aldana Czeplowodski
Sara Diego
Laila Ekboir
Alan Garcia
Johan van Huff
Jakoz Idzie
Julia Imperiale

Kokin Kokambar
Hannah Potter
Bianca Billy Raffin
Willy Rifko
Matt N Ryan
Eric Sesto
Pablo Soler

Jeffrey Wyeth

Do Not Delay, Please Enjoy