The Kids and the Kingdom

The Boy brings the torch closer to the Man’s face, and the Man twitches, knocking the back of his head into the tree. They’re just kids, the Man thinks. Just kids.

Modern Master of Colour: Esao Andrews

After so much colour and deft skill applied to these canvases, referring to a banana peel taped to a wall as art is a hard pill to swallow. Impossible even.

Late Lunch

Somehow, the entire day had passed us by – quickly, traitorously, and without us noticing.


There seemed to be no sign of anyone or anything else around him except for the infinite expanse of plain white landscape where he stood.

Dalí vs. Ants

In Dalí’s world, ants symbolise decay, decomposition, personal anxiousness, human morality, the ephemeral, and overwhelming sexual desire. Pick your poison.