Gastronomical Politix: Catalonia

Catalonia has always been a region (or country depending on who you talk to) that has had its own identity, its own language and its own idiosyncrasies.

A Zeitgeist of Colour

The NGV has taken it upon themselves to host a smorgasbord exhibition of colour this December. Be sure to wipe that drool from your mouth.

Cow Times

For all ye’ faint of heart, those be the vegetarian and vegans, proceed with caution to the NGV this season.

Bullfighting Hemingway

Witness Hemingway go up against his biggest critics – a haughty circle of literary matadors foolish enough to taunt the expat bull, thinking they could leave the arena unscathed.

Birdwatching at the Gallery

Golem on Excursion: Calling all birdwatchers! Grab your binoculars and head to the gallery, because the Art Gallery of New South Wales is hosting an exhibition on Brett Whiteley’s birds.